VARIS Check-In

VARIS Check-In system is the lobby management system of choice. Invest in a Check-In system that has the look and feel of your organization. VARIS Check-In system is fully customizable. We will incorporate your organizations or company’s logo and color scheme. 95% of all Check-In systems in the market today are Off-the-shelf systems hence no customization is available or offered! We have streamlined the design for minimum user interaction; this ensures Check-In is completed in seconds. Once your visitor is signed in, the contact person or staff is notified directly and immediately via SMS, Email, or both on their devices. The direct notifications, drastically reduces the response time to your visitors and customers. Get a robust and 100% customizable Check-In system for less than $2.50 per day!

Our Features

Simple Check-In form

Our simple fill in form is extremely streamlined with drop-down menus to ease the Check-In process. We will customize this field to meet your needs.


Do you want your visitors to feel important?
Do you want to show that you care about your visitor?
Then…preregister them; All they need to do upon arrival is to select their name and select “Submit” and the proper notification is sent to the host.

Read, watch and acknowledge instructions before you Check-In

Do you have an instruction that you need your visitors to read before they Check-In?
Do you have a video that you need your visitors to watch before they Check-In?
Do you have a disclaimer or terms and conditions for your visitors to acknowledge?
We will incorporate it into your Check-In system.


Our fast and robust notifications are sent immediately once the Check-In process is complete. The options to receive notifications via SMS, Email or both, makes the Check-In experience and response time very speedy. No delay or excuses for delayed responses.


The admin portal has a graphical reporting dashboard module. You can run reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to view data on all Checked In visitors.

Secured Admin Web Portal

Administer your Check-In system from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Add, delete or edit users, Preregister visitors, and run Reports.

Contact Address
  •     Laurel MD
  •     (410)-858-4081
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