The Most Advanced
Visitor Management Solution


Visitor are greeted and can easily understand how to use the system to connect with the person they are there to see.


Employees will appreciate a greater sense of security no longer having to worry about visitors randomly walking into the back office looking for someone to help them.


It’s hard to imagine a better investment. A visitor management system that greets guest to your business and connects them with employees for less than $9 a day.


VARIS Virtual Receptionist provides your office and company the needed security without the associated costs involved.


VARIS Receptionist application can be used as an automated stand-alone interactive self-service system on any lobby. It can be integrated in a kiosk system, Wall mounted PC monitor, All-in-One desktops and in touch-screen notebooks with windows operating system and camera. The system is smart enough to welcome your guest with motion and face detection technology. Our client side application is agnostic; Users on Windows OS and Apple OS X are able to leverage the full functionality of the system without any third party applications required. VARIS Receptionist frees your receptionist up to do other essential tasks.

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Building directories are the first thing people look for when they enter an unfamiliar building or facility. It’s the first impression they get of the building and offices. Our VARIS Directory will communicate to your clients and visitors in a matter of seconds, on the offices in the building, suite numbers, and contact information. VARIS can also implement the interactive options that allows your visitors to browse your website and place calls for assistance from the VARIS Directory in your lobby. Consistency is the key component for the r

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